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Staff Spotlight: Meet Drs. Deepika Khanna, Venus Patti, and Henna Chowdhry

Part of what makes our dental practice unique is our friendly and knowledgeable team. Today we’re highlighting three of our exceptional dentists: Dr. Deepika Khanna, Dr. Venus Patti, and Dr. Henna Chowdhry. These tremendously talented and experienced women offer state-of-the-art oral care in a compassionate environment. Furthermore, as many female patients wish to see another woman for their oral care, we believe having them on our team offers a great benefit to us and our many clients. We invite you to get to know them a little better.

Dr. Khanna is a passionate dentist who strives to make a positive difference to each and every one of her patients. She loves being a general dentist because it allows her to perform a wide variety of procedures, but her favourite aspect of dentistry is endodontics and prosthodontics. Outside of the office, Dr. Khanna is a talented cook who enjoys experimenting with new recipes. She is inspired by trying different types of cuisines in the Greater Toronto Area. Besides loving her hometown Toronto and the Toronto Blue Jays, Dr. Khanna loves to travel and explore different parts of the world. She loves to hike with her husband and her dog, Romeo, and is a coffee enthusiast – a sentiment shared by most of our dentists!

Dr. Patti also has the travel bug, and she hopes to visit Thailand in the near future to see the Lantern Festival. She volunteered a lot of her time at the Etobicoke General Hospital with the medically compromised and elderly, working with the physically disabled at the March of Dimes and tutoring children from inner city homes after school hours. She credits her extra curricular activities being the driving force for her to work hard, meet challenges, and persevere to achieve her goals. As a result of her efforts, Dr. Patti has a dual license to practice in Canada and the USA—her proudest accomplishment. Also an avid cook, Dr. Patti’s favourite treat is dark chocolate with sea salt. If you have a particularly good experience with her, you may want to slip her a bar in thanks! For Dr. Patti, the social aspect of dentistry is the most refreshing. She has the opportunity to meet new people from diverse cultural backgrounds on a regular basis from all walks of life. Often times, the most difficult of dental treatments renders itself to forming the most valuable friendships, it is a humbling and fulfilling experience for her.

Dr. Chowdhry’s talents extend well beyond dentistry; she’s also a skilled at sewing, cooking, and painting. She credits a steady hand for her proficiency in both the dental sciences and in art—especially henna application. Dr. Chowdhry finds motivation in her family and their beautiful smiles. Their support has helped her accomplish a great deal, including earning dental practice licenses in three different countries: India, Kenya, and Canada. Dr. Chowdhry feels fortunate to live in such a diverse and exciting city, and she loves seeing her patients leave satisfied.
When asked her favorite aspect of dentistry, Dr. Chowdhry said she finds joy when she sees a satisfied and happy patient after treatment. “It is one of the immeasurable and intangible rewards of being a dentist”.

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