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Dentist in Mississauga Cites Innovative Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry

Dentist-in-Mississauga-Cites-Innovative-Anti-Aging-Face-Lift-DentistryMississauga, Ontario (March 18, 2014) – Dr. Arun Narang, a renowned dentist in Mississauga, cites the power of innovative dental techniques in combating the appearance of premature ageing in most people. Called” Face Lift Dentistry”, the process includes several types of dental and medical technology to evaluate a person’s bite for mouth restructuring in order to naturally improve the shape & symmetry of the face.

“Face Lift Dentistry”, originated and trademarked by Dr. Sam Muslin, seeks to provide long-term dental improvements that enhance a person’s facial structure. As studies have found, a person’s facial features can be affected by the alignment, position and shape of the teeth, as well as the bite.

The position and alignment of the teeth and the bite can make a person look older prematurely because of acid erosion, abrasion from teeth grinding or clenching, and normal wear and tear. Tooth decay and broken teeth, as well as improper or ageing restorations, like old and chipped crowns and veneers or worn bonded restorations, can also become unsightly and can collapse the facial structure. This can make the face appear droopier and the skin look less supple. It also increases the emergence of fine lines around the mouth.

In order to restore a youthful appearance through dentistry, Dr. Narang’s reliable Mississauga dentist team, corrects misaligned bites, restores damaged teeth, and treats gum disease to improve facial structure. They also provide crowns, veneers and fillings to correct the shape of the face, correct a misaligned jaw into its most comfortable position and maintain good oral health. These procedures can successfully “lift” the patient’s face naturally, without any surgical intervention.

Aside from providing total smile makeovers, Dr. Arun Narang & Associates also offer teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, teeth extractions and dental implants. Those interested to know more about the clinic’s wide range of dental treatments can visit www.SmileByDesign.com for more details.

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