Dr Arun Narang & Associates Smile by Design

Our Dental Assistants

Asima – Preventive Dental Assistant (PDA)

Dr Narang _093 AsimaAsima has been a part of the Smile by Design team for many years. Asima enjoys the different challenges she sees as a PDA and truly enjoys helping all of our patients. She believes in the value of a healthy beautiful smile and loves giving patients a bright smile! She believes having a nice smile brings individuals self esteem and confidence.

Asima enjoys spending quality and fun time with her two kids. She believes in the importance of mental and physical fitness; she practices yoga and rungs regularly. Asima has many hobbies, some of which include reading a wide variety of novels and make-up artistry. She is a very proud member of Dr. Narang & Associate’s winning team.

Asima is fluent in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and English.

Sandi – Preventive Dental Assistant (PDA)

Dr Narang _088 preventive dental assistant Sandi

“I have been working with Dr. Narang since 1992. I feel like cosmetic dentist Dr. Narang and my team are my family. I enjoy working in the environment we have created. Dr. Narang is always challenging us to be knowledgeable of the latest technology in dentistry, from dental implants, spa dentistry, teeth whitening techniques to breakthrough periodontal therapies. For any latest breakthrough, we have read, attended a seminar, heard a tape or discussed it!”

Sandi’s loyalty, work ethic and friendly manner have made her a corner stone of our team and the office.

Sandi keeps herself busy in the kitchen by trying new recipes and spending time with her family and friends.

Sandi is fluent in Portuguese.

Cecilia – Preventive Dental Assistant (PDA)


“I enjoy working with my team and I am proud to be a part of the final products that we create for our patients.”

Cecilia has extensive experience in the dental field that started in the Philippines and since 1993 has been at Dr. Narang & Associates. The team greatly depends on Cecilia’s many talents and eagerness to give a helping hand.

Cecilia has wide-ranging knowledge and skills in creating teeth whitening trays, night guards and mouth guards, and models. She believes in teamwork & continuing education and she takes pleasure in helping others and working to the best of her abilities.

When Cecilia is not spending time at the office she enjoys time with her family, especially with her adorable granddaughter. She also likes to travel, attend aqua fitness classes and ballroom dance classes.

Cecilia is fluent in Filipino.

Edibe – Preventative Dental Assistant (PDA)

EdibeEdibe’s bubbly personality helps patients feel at ease in the dental office and has her fellow teammates smiling.

Edibe graduated as a PDA in 2008. She enjoys working with the team at Dr Narang & Associates because we are from all backgrounds which give her the opportunity to learn a lot about other cultures. As well there are different generations with different amounts of experience, this helps her learn and grow both professionally and personally.

“Everyone helps each other, which makes for a great family and team approach to working. It is great because we all respect each other’s talents and we have fun at work. I think this helps our patients feel comfortable and at ease.”

When she is not working, Edibe loves spending time with her family, listening to music, singing karaoke, travelling and going to the gym.

Edibe is fluent in Albanian.

Richard – Preventative Dental Assistant (PDA)

RichardRichard has been working as a PDA in the dental field since 2005. He believes that working at Dr Arun Narang & Associates has been one of the best experiences he has had as a PDA. Richard appreciates how continuing education is important to Dr Narang as he is always willing to learn and improve professionally. He also believes in the family approach that the working environment at Dr Narang & Associates encourages. His wife and sister work with us too!

Richard’s abilities go beyond his PDA duties. He has a great knack for fixing things around the office. This is a talent that is greatly appreciated by all of us!

Richard loves spending time with his wife and two adorable children and his family and friends. His other great love is building motorcycles from scratch and fixing and modifying old cars.

Richard is also fluent in Filipino.