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How to Completely Change Your Life With Cosmetic Dentistry

We all have one thing or the other we would love to improve upon or change about our lives. And for most people, it includes the appearance of their teeth and their smiles.

We are not all born with a perfect set of a dentition or sparkling white teeth. Not everybody received proper dental care or observed proper oral practices when growing up.

Some of us got their smiles ruined by disease or accident, and even some are victims of genetic anomalies.

So for whatever reason, if your teeth are stained, yellow, wonky, misshapen, or missing altogether, here is good news for you. Cosmetic dentistry treatments can help fix your teeth and smile to restore your confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments











Yes! Whatever your dental problem is that you wish to have treated, cosmetic dentistry has solutions for you.

However, most people are skeptical about cosmetic dentistry. They believe that cosmetic dentistry is only for those vain individuals seeking for an impossibly perfect smile.

If you are one of them and still doubting the efficacy of cosmetic dentistry, I am glad to inform you that cosmetic dentistry can do far more than giving a perfect smile. Cosmetic dentistry has the power to change your life healthily.

In this guide, we’ll show you how cosmetic dentistry can completely transform your life for good, the various types of cosmetic dentistry procedures, and the benefits of undergoing cosmetic dentistry procedures.

I would appeal to you to read this guide to the end as it will help you to ditch misconceptions and make an informed decision about how to choose cosmetic dentistry to improve upon your lifestyle.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?











One of the reasons for skepticism and misconception about cosmetic dentistry is that most people don’t know what cosmetic dentistry really is.

Most people think cosmetic dentistry is all about making your smile look great. A few consider cosmetic dentistry as just a teeth whitening procedure. Fine, while cosmetic dentistry does that, it far exceeds that.

Cosmetic dentistry, also called aesthetic dentistry, refers to a series of dental works or treatments carried out to improve the appearance of your teeth.

It is not a singular process but includes several processes to bring expected changes to:

  • The color of the teeth
  • The position of the teeth
  • Gumline
  • Jaw alignment
  • The overall look of the mouth, teeth, and smile.
  • Shape and size of the teeth

Due to the word “cosmetic,” many people assume that cosmetic dentistry focuses mainly on aesthetics.

However, most of the procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry are beyond just adding beauty to the teeth but are meant to improve the functionality of the teeth and overall dental health.

What are the Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Available?

Knowing the different types of aesthetic dentistry available will not only help you to understand how the procedure can change your current dental life but also to appreciate the procedure and stop being skeptical about it.

Here are some of the most common cosmetic dentistry treatments:

1). Teeth whitening

A recent survey by Procter & Gamble revealed that 80% of Canadians are unhappy with their teeth and would prefer to have whiter teeth. This makes teeth whitening, the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in Canada.

So, if you still think that having a dazzling white teeth is only for celebrities, you are wrong.

Teeth whitening







When it comes to teeth whitening, there are several options to choose from. You may decide to purchase the over-the-counter whitening kit, choose the at-home whitening procedure, or undergo the in-office high-tech laser teeth whitening treatment.

Of course, each of these treatment options delivers varying whitening results. Click here (add internal link) to read up on our full guide to teeth whitening.

2). Orthodontics

We are all familiar with braces, they are for the prevention or correction of irregularities of the teeth – teeth straightening.









So if you have white but crooked or misaligned teeth, cosmetic dentistry is your best option. Braces put pressure on your teeth to move them into the desired position.

Although children and young adults are often treated with metal braces, there are several other types of brace available for adults who don’t want it to be so obvious that they have braces on.

These options include:

  • Tooth-colored ceramic braces: These are very similar to the metal braces and work in similar ways but are designed to match the color of the natural tooth, making them very difficult to notice on your teeth.


  • Invisible braces: These braces are made of clear plastic aligners that sit over the teeth. They look more like a colorless mouth guard and can only be noticed at very close up.


  • Lingual braces: These types of braces are similar in design to the metal braces but are attached to the inside of the teeth and not on the front, making them hidden inside the mouth.

Depending on the severity of the dental issue, orthodontic treatment with braces can take anywhere from six months to over two years. Check out our complete guide for more information about braces.

Aside from improving the appearance of your teeth and boosting your confidence, straighter teeth are easier to clean and can improve your overall dental hygiene.

3). Veneers










Veneers, commonly referred to as porcelain veneers are thin, tooth-colored covers that dentists apply directly on the outer surface of existing teeth. Veneers are used for the following treatments:

  • To change tooth color (for patients with intrinsic tooth discolorations that can’t be eliminated by teeth whitening procedures).
  • To change the shape and size of the teeth.
  • To cover surface flaws.
  • To correct wide gaps between teeth.

Veneer treatment is usually customized and is used for the front teeth. It can be used for a single problem tooth or your entire set of front teeth.

This is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to completely change the appearance of your teeth.

However, veneer treatment is slightly invasive as it requires removing a small amount of the enamel for veneer application.

This makes the process irreversible (i.e., when the original porcelain veneer fails; after about 10 to 20 years, you can only replace them or get a dental cap).

After teeth whitening, the next pure cosmetic treatment is veneer treatment.

4). Dental Crowns

While veneer covers only the front teeth, a dental crown covers the entire tooth.

A dental crown is used to cover flaws on the tooth surface, which include tooth stains and discolorations. It can also be used to change the shape and size of the teeth.

5). Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a quick option for fixing damaged teeth. It involves removing the damaged area and replacing it with tooth-colored composite resin.

Chipped, cracked, and broken teeth can also be restored to a new shape with dental bonding.

6). Dental Contouring

This is also a cost-effective way to improve your smile. Dental contouring is required if you need just subtle adjustments to the height, shape, or size of your teeth.

Dental contouring is a series of procedures based on your requirements.

For instance, it may require filing-out rough edges and small chips to re-shape pointy or wide teeth or filing down teeth that are taller than neighboring teeth.

Dental contouring performed by a professional dentist looks completely natural. However, the procedure is unique to each individual. Therefore, you would need to consult with a dentist to obtain a quote.

7). Dental Fillings

This is also a quick, common, and affordable option to restore your smile. It is used to fix minor instances of structural damage and to repair dental cavity after removing the decayed material and rinsing out the cavity.

Dental fillings are made with a composite resin that mimics the color and texture of the natural tooth. Check out our complete guide for more information about dental fillings.

8). Gum Reshaping

Most people don’t know that our gums play a major role in our smiles too. This is possibly one of the reasons they don’t give much thought to the shape of their gums.

If you’re the type that is always conscious of how your gum looks, gum reshaping is a great way to remedy the situation of gummy smiles or receding gums.

You have a gummy smile if your gums are either uneven or cover so much part of your teeth. In this case, a periodontist or dentist would cut back a portion of the gum tissue using a scalpel or laser – gum contouring.

On the other hand, if you have receding gums either as a result of a side-effect of some medications or dental conditions like gum disease, a periodontist or dentist would graft gum tissue to restore your receding gums to a healthy condition.

Both simple procedures can make a big difference in the appearance of your mouth and smile. More so, if your gums recede too far, your teeth may become loose and fall out.

9). Teeth Implants

Teeth Implants









This procedure is the peak of cosmetic dentistry. It is recommended if you have one or more missing teeth you want to replace, especially if the gap(s) is in a very noticeable position.

Dental implants are the most effective way to replace missing teeth. This is because they are durable, strong, and designed to look exactly like the natural tooth.

The implant, which mimics the tooth root, is inserted into your jawbone while the dental crown, which mimics the tooth crown, is attached above the gum with an abutment. A dental implant can last about 10 to 15 years or more if well maintained.

If you have several missing teeth in a row, you can replace them with an implant-supported bridge. Even if you want to replace a full set of teeth, you have the option of implant-supported dentures.

To learn more about replacing your missing teeth with a dental implant, read our complete guide on dental implant procedure and options.

Although dental implants are the most durable and healthy way to replace missing teeth, they are the most expensive option.

However, if your budget can support a dental implant, you can opt-in for a dental bridge or dentures, which are much more affordable.

How to Completely Change Your Life with Cosmetic Dentistry

Now that you have learned about all the major procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry, let’s see how you can completely change your life with cosmetic dentistry.

  1. Boosts Your Confidence with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can change your life from being a sad, “unnecessarily quiet,” and solitary individual into a cheerful, lively, sociable, and confident individual.

Believe me, the appearance of your teeth and smile tells a lot about your confidence and ability to relate with others. Having missing, crooked, or discolored teeth can trigger low self-esteem in you.

This is because you will feel insecure about your perceived imperfections. Bad dentition has always forced many to lack confidence and look away while discussing.

More so, many may begin to avoid social gatherings, smile less or not at all in the public, and becoming more intimidated.

If you have poor dentition, you tend to feel less attractive, even when you are not, and with time, you start to feel unhappy. This will soon begin to affect your mood and productivity.

But with cosmetic dentistry procedures, you will not only have your teeth restored but also your confidence.

  1. Stay Healthy and Prevent Diseases with Cosmetic Dentistry

Broken, cracked, or missing teeth do not only give an unappealing look, but they also contribute negatively to your overall dental health as they can lead to dental decay, plaque, and other dental diseases.

Dental diseases can, in turn, degenerate to affect everything from your eating habits, respiratory health, digestive system, as bad as causing a stroke.

Luckily, if you have missing, broken, or cracked teeth or you have gummy or receding gums, you can quickly prevent further dental health issues with cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry can even repair dental damage caused by dental decay, plaque, and other oral diseases.

For instance, if your teeth are prone to dental cavities, you can prevent the cavity by covering them with veneers or crowns and if you already have the cavity, you can also restore them to their original shape with dental bonding or fillings.

  1. Creating the First Impression That Matters With Cosmetic Dentistry

Just as it is commonly said, “the first impression lasts long.” This statement is especially true in the business world.

Creating the First Impression That Matters With Cosmetic Dentistry









If you meet someone for the first time, you form a mental picture of the person based on their physical appearance – facial look, dentition, voice, gestures, etc.which makes the first impression about the person – either positive or negative.

In the business world, your first impression is very important that it can either benefit you or drop you. You can either impress with your first impression or disappoint.

Just the same way your clothing goes a long way in impressing, your warm facial expressions with a bright smile also play a big role in impressing either your employers or business partner – so it pays to give a beautiful smile showing off bright well-set teeth.

Therefore, turning to cosmetic dentistry will give you both the white and well-set teeth needed to feel more confident when smiling.

Instead of getting turned down by employers, shying away from your first date, or keeping your knowledge and skills in the shade due to bad dentition, create the impression that matters today with cosmetic dentistry.

  1. Fight Bad Habits with Cosmetic Dentistry

Some bad habits affect your dental health. For instance, tobacco smoking can cause tooth discoloration, excessive sugar intake can cause dental caries, and poor oral hygiene practices can cause oral disease.

So if you’ve recently undergone some cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as teeth whitening, dental fillings, etc. to correct dental issues caused by bad habits, you’ll be very careful not to engage in bad habits anymore or at least reduce your involvement in the habit.

Therefore, cosmetic dentistry treatment would be helping you to ultimately give up on the bad habit that is negatively affecting your overall health.

  1. Look Younger with Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the signs of aging is teeth discoloration. The teeth tend to get darker as we grow older. This makes the enamel on your teeth get a bit unsightly.

However, when you get teeth whitening treatment, dental veneers, or tooth bonding, your white teeth will be restored and your smile will look as amazing as it was when you were much younger.

In fact, no one would be able to tell how old you are from the look of your teeth.

  1. Stop Remembering a Bad Occurrence with Cosmetic Dentistry

Possibly you were involved in an injury, an accident, or any other bad incident in time past that led to your cosmetic problem.

Each time you look into the mirror or have a cause to feel the cosmetic problem, you keep remembering that bad incidence.

Cosmetic dentistry can help you to stop remembering that bad incident. Depending on the severity of the cosmetic problem, you can undergo as low as dental veneer treatment or even dental implant procedure to cover such problems.

After undergoing the treatment, the only thing you will see when you stare into the mirror is a beautiful smile and that will help you to stop remembering that bad incident

Those are the major ways in which cosmetic dentistry can completely change your life.

There are other personal ways in which cosmetic dentistry can improve your life. You can undergo any of the available cosmetic dentistry procedures today to find out.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry holds lots of benefits for you. Here are a few of them:

i). Cosmetic Dentistry Boosts Your Self-Esteem: Whenever you’re faced with low self-esteem due to bad dentition, there is a tendency that it will restrict you from doing certain things you want to do due to lack of confidence.

This will, in turn, limit your opportunities and lower your efficiency.

Naturally, you tend to have negative feelings about yourself because you’re fearful of how your bad teeth would look in public and this will negatively impact both your physical and mental health.

However, cosmetic dentistry can change your bad dentition, transform your smile, and change your facial expression greatly.

ii). Cosmetic Dentistry Repairs Your Damaged Or Crooked Teeth: There are several cosmetic dentistry procedures available to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Therefore, irrespective of your cosmetic problem, you would always find a procedure to fix it in the way you want.

iii). Cosmetic Dentistry Improves Your Quality of Life: Cosmetic dentistry will boost your confidence and this will improve your quality of life, ensuring that you begin to enjoy a better social life.

With cosmetic dentistry, you would be confident enough to meet new people, speak publicly, and attend more social events without any fearful feeling of your dental appearance.

iv). Cosmetic Dentistry Supports and Improves the Structure of Your Teeth: Some cosmetic dentistry procedures are stable and strong enough to improve the structure of your jawbone.

This will subsequently benefit your overall oral health.

Now that you’ve learned about how to completely change your life with cosmetic dentistry as well as the benefits you stand to gain from cosmetic dentistry, you may want to have an idea of how much each cosmetic dentistry procedure would cost you.

How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost in Canada?

The answer to the question above depends on several factors, such as:

  • The location of the dental office,
  • The chosen dentist,
  • The type of cosmetic dentistry procedure to undergo,
  • The type of treatment materials to use, and
  • Any extra dental procedure that may be required.

More so, the total cost of cosmetic dentistry depends on the number of teeth to be restored. However, here is an estimate of each cosmetic dentistry procedure in Canada:

a). Teeth Whitening: The cost of teeth whitening is typically between $600 and $700 for in-office treatment while the over-the-counter and at-home treatment will cost about $100 to $400.

b). Brace: The cost of orthodontic treatment depends on individual cases, the type of brace chosen (metal braces, invisible braces, etc.), and the amount of correction needed. However, orthodontic treatment will cost between $2,500 and $5000, but the result is everlasting.

c). Dental Implants: The cost of a single dental implant is about $900 to $3,000 while the cost of a full-mouth restoration can be as much $20,000 and above.

d). Dental Bridges: Depending on the material used, dental bridges will cost between $700 and $1,500 per tooth.

e). Veneers: Porcelain veneers typically cost from $900 to $2,500 per tooth. However, composite veneers are more affordable but less durable, costing between $250 and $1,500.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist in Canada

There are several dentists in Canada offering cosmetic dentistry treatment. But here are some basic things to consider when selecting a cosmetic dentist for your treatment in Canada.

The cost of treatment:

This is a big factor to consider and always the first. There are a few factors that would determine the cost of treatment, these include:

  • The location of the dental office.
  • The dentist’s qualifications, level of experience, and reputation.
  • The type and standard of materials or equipment to use for the treatment
  • The duration of the treatment.
  • The level of competition in the area (the number of dentists in the area).


the location of the dental office will influence your cost of transportation. Are you within the same city as the dental office or would you have to travel to another city?

Note that if your treatment requires one or two visits, then the location may not be an issue for you but if your treatment requires regular visits, such as orthodontic treatment, you would appreciate the convenience of engaging a cosmetic dentist near you.

Dentist’s qualification, experience, and reputation:

Cosmetic dentistry has to do with changing the way your face looks. Therefore, you should trust someone who has adequate experience in the field to handle it for you.

Don’t be in a hurry. Go online to read comments and reviews. Also, make consultations too because word of mouth is good indications of the dentist’s competence and reputations.

During your initial consultation, try as much as possible to ask the dentist about his or her qualifications and level of experience. As proofs of experience, ask for “before and after” photographs of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Examine these proofs carefully whether they look fake or whether you would be happy to get similar results.

The level of competition in the area:

Some areas often have more business competition than others. Browse around areas to find cheaper treatment costs or special offers on certain cosmetic dentistry treatments.

However, note that quoting a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean that the dentist will offer the best treatment. Nevertheless, be wary of dentists that will cut corners to their customers the cheapest treatment cost.

To be on the safer side, obtain and compare price quotes from several dentists before you engage anyone.


To ensure that you are not submitting yourself to a fake or dubious dentist, ask them for their accreditations. A professional dentist should belong to a well-recognized dental body, such as the Canadian Dental Association.

Check the dental office for badges or certificates as proof of membership.

Preparing for your Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Undergoing a cosmetic dentistry procedure requires adequate preparation. Your dental health must be evaluated by a dentist, who will ascertain your need for cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry procedure is suitable for your condition.

Preparing for your Cosmetic Dental Treatment














The dentist will also determine whether you have underlying dental issues. This is because you have better chances of recovering faster if you do not have any underlying dental issues.

The preparation will also help you if you are nervous to ask several questions that may prepare your mind for the procedure and ease you of unnecessary tensions.

Finally, ensure that you take some time off work as a recovery period. If your procedure would require anesthesia, it is recommended that you visit the dental office with someone who would take you back home.


Cosmetic dentistry does not only whiten your teeth, but it also improves your confidence, overall dental well-being, and general quality of life.

All it takes is just a few appointments with a professional dentist to transform your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile.

If you are planning on getting any of the cosmetic dentistry procedures, it’s very important to find a cosmetic dentist who offers the exact options you want.

Make proper research and consult family and friends to refer you to an experienced dentist in your area. Click here to contact us to begin your cosmetic dentistry journey with us.


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