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Meet Our Dental Surgeon, Dr. Elysia Jagdeo!

The practice of Dr. Arun Narang & Associates welcomes Dr. Elysia Jagdeo, the newest addition to our team of dentists! Dr. Jagdeo is a general dentist and will be performing a variety of dental surgery procedures, such as wisdom teeth removal with IV sedation. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our Mississauga […]

Family Dentistry with a Woman’s Touch

At Dr. Narang & Associates, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional dental care for the whole family. Our extensively trained team of dentists and dental professionals include experienced women who offer excellent general, cosmetic, and preventive treatment. We are proud to call Dr. Deepika Khanna, Dr. Venus Patti, and Dr. Henna Chowdhry members of our […]

Staff Spotlight: Meet Drs. Arun Narang, Ed Venerus, and Shiva Monga

At Limelight Dental and Smile by Design, our goal is to provide our patients with exceptional dental care that allows them to achieve the healthiest teeth and most beautiful smile possible. Our team is an essential part of making this objective a reality. So with this in mind, we want to introduce you to three […]

Staff Spotlight: Meet Drs. Deepika Khanna, Venus Patti, and Henna Chowdhry

Part of what makes our dental practice unique is our friendly and knowledgeable team. Today we’re highlighting three of our exceptional dentists: Dr. Deepika Khanna, Dr. Venus Patti, and Dr. Henna Chowdhry. These tremendously talented and experienced women offer state-of-the-art oral care in a compassionate environment. Furthermore, as many female patients wish to see another […]

Dr. Narang & Associates has EXPANDED!

Dr. Arun Narang & Associates has EXPANDED!!! We are NOW OPEN, ready to serve your dental needs at our additional location LIMELIGHT DENTAL We offer the same exemplary services delivered by our warm & welcoming staff You are welcome to make your dental visits with us at our new location and to refer family, friends […]